Conversational BI Bot Pitch Deck

Conversational BI Bot Pitch Deck

Introduction: The Problem Statement and Features

The primary goal of the Conversational BI Bot is to simplify the way businesses interact with their Google Analytics data. Leveraging WhatsApp and advanced AI, it brings analytics insights directly to the users in a conversational format, making data analysis accessible for non-technical users.

Solution: Conversational BI Bot

Core Features


Market Validation for Conversational BI Bot

Target Market

Business Model for Conversational BI Bot

How It Works

The Conversational BI Bot operates by connecting Google Analytics data with WhatsApp, allowing users to access and interact with their data through chat messages. Leveraging the WhatsApp API and ChatGPT’s conversational AI, it transforms complex data into easy-to-understand insights and reports.

Revenue Streams

Unique Selling Propositions and Competitive Advantages of Conversational BI Bot

Unique Selling Propositions

Competitive Advantages