Conversational BI - How I talk to my Data via WhatsApp & ChatGPT

The next generation of Business Intelligence will be conversational.

Building a Bot for Whats App in C#

In this article, we will walk through the process of building a WhatsApp KPI bot. The steps we will cover include:

How to Store ASP.NET Core Identity Data in a JSON File

This article will show you how to store ASP.Net Core Identity data in a JSON file in just 8 Minutes. The guys at Microsoft decided to use the Entity Framework and an underlying database to store user information.

Calling SAP BW EasyQuery from C# .Net

EasyQuery is SAP´s newest technology for providing external access to SAP BW via Web Services. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot information out there on how to actually call an EasyQuery Web Service other than from SAP standard tools like BO Design Studio, etc. So here I’ll give a detailed introduction on how to call an EasyQuery from .Net via C# .

Working with Flat Files in SSIS – Extended Editor

In my experience working with flat files in Microsoft Integration Services can be quite cumbersome sometimes. There are numerous swtiches and options that can be configured to smoothly load CSV files into your database. Configuring things the wrong way may cause your ETL process to crash in case a CSV file changes its structure or content.

How to implement a stable delta load process

This article describes two different approaches for loading data from a source system into a staging area of a Business Intelligence system. Full Load and Delta Load.

Delta Loading a Table with SqlDeltaGenerator

In my previous Post I did describe what needs to be considered to implement a fast and stable delta load process. In this post I am going to introduce a tool that will help you to implement such a process within a couple of minutes.